A collaborative and consultative approach is at the core of every project I work on. To create a connection with your audience, I look at how to work your objectives into genuine, customer-centred creative, which means having a balance between creative stills and humanised elements.
Almost always, there's evidence of nature or people in my work. Because I believe it paves the way for down to earth, personalised concepts that are easy for my clients to execute and work with long after our project has finished.
I offer professional product and brand photography based in Auckland, NZ where you can send your products directly to me or have me come to you onsite.
My style and vision is reflected in my warm, vibrant and bold, colour-centric images that marry the old and new. My love of nature and botanics is also at the heart of what I do. With a sales + marketing background, spanning various industries and experience as a business owner, giving me insight into how to help turn your brand story into something instantly recognisable and memorable. I’ll bring out your best side on camera and show depth and interest to products and interiors, seizing every opportunity for fearless use of colour, pattern and texture. I can transform almost anywhere into a set while quickly making people feel at ease. 
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