about Emma
I'm a multi hat-wearing (I kid. I don't do hats), Photographer / Product Stylist + all-round colour committed Brand Creative. 
Hi, I’m Emma. Based in Auckland, NZ, I work on projects that vary from concept development, strategy and creation to content and communications strategy coaching for other creatives + lifestyle business owners.

I ❤️ to work with colour + brands with a conscience. ❤️♻️🐬👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I’m a storyteller at heart and passionate about supporting businesses at all stages to help transform their brands into something instantly recognisable + captivating.
We all have a story to tell, and people are by nature, visual - I mean your image is everything. 

So I take that knowledge and work to align your vision and values with a content strategy that stands out. Together we create opportunities to grow your business organically and connect with your customers.

My style is a fusion of bold, colour-centric, botanical-inspired work that marries the old with the new. And my approach to projects is collaborative and consultative - drawing on my experience in sales and marketing, various other industries and as a business owner.

I also, always have several passion projects on the go, fuelled by an obsession with coffee Pinterest and Instagram that are centred around:

🌱 FINE ART photographic botanical/floral prints that epitomise independence, confidence and luxurious femininity

📷 DIVERSITY + BIAS celebrating challenges in professions, trades and passions

🎨 EMERGING ARTISTS through The Upstairs Gallery where I am a board member + volunteer

🌎 ART + CREATIVITY FOR MENTAL HEALTH + WELLNESS as a COS Village Partner + Ambassador for Colour Our Story - a social enterprise charged with creating an opportunity for growth for children and creators around the globe