Life on the inside / out
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Inside out our bubble.

'Life on the Inside' is a bubble project - a journal of our day to day while we sit at home, looking to feel connected to life outside of our bubble.

My husband is as an essential worker, so the kids and I juggle work, learning from home, family and lockdown life, by ourselves during the day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought most of the world to a stop. And being confined to our bubbles means that most of us get the bulk of our human interaction through social media. Everyone is working from home except for essential workers. We can only go for the odd walk or trip to the local shops for essentials. We're home-schooling our children. Protecting the vulnerable. And we're forced to slow from the hustle and bustle that we knew before.

My photography has a touch of realism. It's warm. Vibrant. And I aim to show the bigger picture and a human connection in all that I shoot. So from the time I realised we were heading into lockdown, I was compelled to document this strange and scary slice of time in our lives. Because as weird as things feel right now, it's a significant piece of our history.
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