Emma Baker
Online Business and Social Media Manager
Not everyone is ready to outsource everything or even knows what to do, to get to the heart of their business + put a plan in place that will transform your brand story into something captivating & instantly recognisable to your ideal customers.
I get that.

When you work with me, we'll focus on putting something tangible and easy to execute into practice.

Creating content for Instagram and other Online Media will start to come naturally.

The who, how and why will start to make sense.

Your vision, look, feel, voice and colour palette strategies will all become second nature. 

You'll walk away knowing how to get the best of your content out there so that you start to see results. Your images and messaging will resonate more with your audience, they'll engage more, and ultimately you'll convert more sales.

It's just me most days so I have a range of options.

Half-day 1:1 workshops are $1250 + gst
Or work with me 1:1

Content Creation and Strategy isn't a one-off thing. I'll come in as your Content + Comms Lead, freeing you and your team up to do the things your best at while I work on anything from project management, team coaching and mentoring to content repurposing. Whatever it is that you need, we work that out and customise our plan of attack so that your messaging and the quality of the work you put out is as good as the work your customers can expect.

 Work with a professional product / interior stylist + photographer who can present visual concepts and tell your story, in the right way. 
Create a unique stock library showing your craftsmanship + personality. Heck, I'll even show you how to work with the shots you've already got if that's all you need.
Update advertising copy to be less salesy and more you.
Take a holistic approach to your customer journey and humanise sales and marketing strategies.
Develop a strategy that can be adapted year on year and not to trend on trend.

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